About Rogue Zohu Productions

Rogue Zohu Productions is a collaborative effort between seven home-educated filmmakers. We are five Poling siblings and two Swet brothers working together! When our families first met in 2011, we soon discovered our shared passion for storytelling and filmmaking. As a group and individually, we have been taking steps toward professional filmmaking by working on professional movie sets in the greater Seattle area and implementing industry practices in our own filmmaking.

One of our goals, as we continue on our lifelong path of learning and growing our own skills, is to influence and help other young Christian homeschoolers in their filmmaking education. We have experienced how difficult it is to find wholesome educational opportunities and actual experience. We are working towards providing these opportunities for others through our own films. We want to work with other young filmmakers who are looking towards an interest or a career in making quality films in a wholesome environment.

Would you like to help us with future projects?

As independent filmmakers, we have lots of vision for our films, but we constantly run up against the challenge of fully funding them. If you like what we do and want to help us make even more awesome things in the future, why not considering donating!? Every donation, no matter how small, offsets our production costs and helps keep us moving forward.

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