Film Intensive, 2014 – Go Rogue!

The 2014 Film Intensive was a blast. Thank you all so much for coming!

We covered a bunch of film subjects, focusing on helping young directors expand and grow.

We covered:

  • cinematography
  • editing
  • directing actors
  • production design
  • producing
  • finishing projects
  • sound
  • and lots more!

Here’s a fun video that was filmed by the students as part of the intensive!

Glowing Reviews:

“I had no idea how much (fun) went into making a professional film until I was a part of this Film Intensive! I learned so much about things I’d never thought about before, such as setting up shots so they tell the story you want, and making a shot list. After getting some hands-on experience with the Rogue Zohu crew, I’m now interested in trying out areas of the filmmaking process I’d never considered before. Any Christian homeschooler interested in learning filmmaking in a morals-focused environment should definitely take this class!” ~ Matt M.

“I had a lot of fun being a part of the Film Intensive. It was very fun to be with all of you. I liked learning about set staging and about what the assistant director does. It was all very interesting and fun. Thank you for putting on this class.” ~ Yuliya M.

“The Rogue Zohu film intensive was a very fun learning experience. I enjoyed learning about the editing, producing and the role of the director. Rogue Zohu was not in a hurry to get through all the subjects, but took time to explain (several times if needed) all the confusing aspects of filmmaking. All of the speakers were very easy to understand, and did not talk as if reciting a text book. The environment was very fun and friendly! I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring filmmaker.” ~ Morgan M.

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