Film Intensive, 2014


Wednesday, Aug 6th – 10am to 4pm
Thursday, Aug 7th – 10am to 4pm
Friday, Aug 8th – 10am to 4pm

Deadline to enter your film is July 23rd


Bonney Lake, Washington
Coming from out of town? We’re happy to answer your questions through the contact page.

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Transcript of the video above:

I’ve been a filmmaker for several years now and I constantly come up against a huge problem. How do you get an education in filmmaking without having to be immersed the extremely immoral environment and ideas that seem to be common to the film industry?
One time, I went with my family to a local film school for a free workshop they were offering. After attending the workshop and listening to some of the instructor’s “interesting” ideas, my parents and I felt uncomfortable about the idea of me learning the craft of filmmaking at the school. We could see that attending the school would mean I would need to watch and participate in making all the other students’ projects, even if they were inappropriate or foul, and that I’d be around teachers who were influencing me towards ideas that I wouldn’t want to be influenced by as a Christian Homeschooler.
Having decided not to go to film school, I was at a loss for how to move forward. I searched high and low for books, videos, and courses that could help me make my films more professional. While I learned a lot from the resources I found, I didn’t find anything that could teach me how to go from becoming an amateur filmmaker to being a professional filmmaker.
I’ve come to find out as I’ve made the journey to working on professional films that what I really needed was some one-on-one instruction and critique from someone who had more experience. I know many of you are in the same situation. The problem is: How do you, as a young homeschooling filmmaker, find someone who not only has more experience and skill in the area you wish to learn more about, but who also shares your Christian values?
So this is why we have decided to offer a film-intensive for young homeschooled filmmakers in our area. We want to give you the experience we wished had been available for us.
The film intensive will have two parts:

  • Part 1: We want everyone to send us a film that they made. The first 10 signups will be featured as part of the course where we will critique your film and give you some feedback for how to make your next one better in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Part 2: Lessons in Cinematography, Editing, Directing, Producing, and Sound Design. These lessons are specifically designed to be stepping stones that will help bring a more professional quality to your filmmaking.

The course will be taught by myself, my sister Rachel, and my friend Max, who have made videos at home with our families and friends, worked on professional sets, and produced our own professional films.
We want to provide you with the new thoughts, ideas, and tools you have been looking for to make your filmmaking better and more professional. There isn’t anything like this available for homeschoolers and space will be limited, so sign up soon. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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How to get started:

How to submit: Sign up for the class by clicking the “Add to cart” buttons underneath the “Purchase your seat” section of the page below. You can pay with PayPal or a credit card. After your purchase is finalized, you’ll see an option to “Go back to seller’s website”. Click that and it will take you to a page where you can tell us a bit more about yourself. You can send us the link to your video on that page, or you can email it to us later through the contact page on our website.
How to send in your video: The best way to send us your film is to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo as “unlisted”. This will allow you to send us the link without making your video public. You can also send us a video that is already public on YouTube or Vimeo. Send us the link to your video by emailing us through the contact page on our website. You can also email us if you have any questions or problems uploading.

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Purchase your seat:

Since this is a pilot program that we hope to offer again in the future, we’re offering it for a discounted price.

$60 = 1 film entry and 1 seat

Send us your film and come be a part of the 3 day class!
Parents are welcome and may attend free of charge!


$20 – per extra seat

We realize that a lot of times filmmakers work in teams,
so we have a special discounted seat price for you if:

  • you worked on the film
  • you are a sibling of the person submitting the film

Parents are welcome and may attend free of charge!

(Team members can sign up all-together in one purchase, or in separate purchases; whichever you prefer.
Just make sure you let the admin know who your team leader is and which film you are a part of via email.)

$70 = 1 seat without a film entry

We want to offer an option if you don’t want to submit a film. The seat price is $70 if:

  • you want to come without submitting a film
  • you are not part of a team submitting a film

Parents are welcome and may attend free of charge!

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Video guidelines:

Can I send in a video I already made? You can send in a film that you’ve already made, or you can make a new one specifically for the Intensive. We want to see what you feel is your best work. Just make sure you get us the link to your film by July 23rd!
Length of film: Your video should be under 10 minutes. If your video is longer than 10 minutes, please send us the link to a (separately uploaded) 10 minute section that you think best represents your film.
Content: We are open to videos of any genre or theme. Whatever you are excited about making, we are excited to see!
We will not be able to select your video for displaying and critiquing in the class if it contains excessive amounts of things that would be inappropriate for kids under the age of 12, such as lots of blood and gore, horror or scary suspense, or excessive violence. You and your video will be automatically disqualified from the class (and you will not receive a refund) if your video contains any of the following: swearing, nudity, and provocative content. We reserve the right to choose what videos will be presented and to decide what would be appropriate for our audience.

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Refund policy:

If you pre-pay and find you need to cancel, here are the refund guidelines:
Before June 23rd – 100% refund
Before July 14th – 50% refund
After July 14th – 0% refund
If you indicate you’ll be submitting a video, but do not submit one before July 23rd, you will be charged an additional $10 upgrade seat fee because you are attending the Intensive WITHOUT a video.

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Reviews and raves from people we've worked with:

“My daughter had so much fun on set watching how things work and the fun interactions of all present! She got to experience almost every aspect of the story and filming process. This was her first experience on a set and the professionalism of it all was amazing. Everything about it was new. Her questions were answered, she was instructed clearly, and given great positive feedback. She always felt comfortable about the expectations, challenged but not pushed beyond her limits. Seeing so many young adults under stress treating each other with kindness and respect really solidified for her that good attitudes go a long way in the real world!” – Eirica M.

“My favorite part was just being surrounded by such awesome people who were of a much better “moral” basis than most people I know or hang out with. I have a lot of very bad influences in my life which have caused me to take some wrong roads in life, and it felt amazingly refreshing to be around good influences for a change. I found the filming itself to be quite intriguing. It really makes you realize how movies are filmed and the amount of work, (and fun), that goes into it.” -Dan H.

“It was so amazing to see what goes into filming a movie and to meet other people who love acting as much as I do. I had a lot of fun in the off-set atmosphere as well.  I would most definitely do this again if I had the chance. My favorite part of filming was meeting so many amazing people and doing the running scenes. I learned lots of cool and interesting filming terms and more about what it takes to make a movie. All in all, the week spent filming with you guys was one of the best weeks in my life. I am so grateful to have been a part of the cast.”  -Kate H. 

“I greatly enjoyed watching you set up the scenes, seeing what goes into getting a particular shot.  It was fun talking with other the other moms as we support our kids growing and learning. As a mom I would want my kids to be able to participate with you again.  There was an overall attitude of respect and acceptance for each other that was refreshing. It was a great learning experience for all of us.” -Laurie H.

“I must say, the team at Rogue Zohu Productions are THE up and coming young and professional filmmakers. I had the honor of working with them and, even as long as I have been in the biz, learning from them. They are on top of their game, always pushing themselves, knowledgeable, and a VALUABLE RESOURCE for you for your production needs. They are your filmmaking A-Team.”
-Antonio Dileo, Executive Producer, Festung Media L.L.C.

“It was nice to be able to see the inner workings of a film being made with my children. My daughter was most excited. She feels pulled in this direction for a future career, and this opportunity helped her see what she could get better at as she pursues acting for film. The education of learning the behind the scenes in filmmaking was a bonus. I really enjoyed time with friends that have great attitudes, and aren’t afraid of sharing their vision with us and including us in their learning process. You all worked tirelessly on this project, and I want to teach that type of work ethic to my children as they are inspired with their own projects.” -Jeri P.

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Filmmaking Resources from Annie:

Celtx – free screenwriting program

This is what I always use when screenwriting. Completely free, all you have to do is download it and begin writing. It’s easy to use and ridiculously easy to learn, making the somewhat cumbersome formatting of screenplays natural without breaking your thought flow.

Visit the Celtx website

Behind the Scenes for The Lord of the Rings – DVD

Although over 24 hours long, these are by far one of the best recourses we can recommend. Not only going into depth for each movie of the trilogy, but also getting deep into departments that are usually skipped over by movie special features. This set of behind-the-scenes offers an amazing window into what it takes to make a professional film. Walking through every single step of the process from the moment the rights to the book were obtained to the moment that it was shown on the screen for the first time, this is totally worth all of the time needed to watch it.

You can find the behind the scenes for The Fellowship of the Ring on YouTube here, but the others come with the Extended Special Edition dvds. The whole set is really expensive, so see if you might be able to borrow them from a friend or the library.

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling Analyzed – Free eBook

Besides being well know for their amazing skills and advances in 3D animation, Pixar has enchanted audiences worldwide with their touching stories and incredible characters. Every single one of their movies is worth watching. If you’re not familiar with Pixar’s 22 rules, I highly recommend you go and take a look at those right now ( This set of rules has been around for several years and recently has been expanded into a book that is completely free to download. I cannot recommend this book enough as an incredible way to craft and create your own stories. These rules and the analysis of them provide full, solid ideas and thoughts that are easily applicable to any writing.

Read the eBook here

Film Riot – YouTube channel

This channel is run by Ryan Connelly, an independent filmmaker with a passion for sci-fi and action movies. The whole FilmRiot channel is devoted to taking the mystery out of the effects and techniques that go into some of your favorite hollywood films. He has a lot of good advice to offer and a ton of examples with his own filmmaking sprinkled throughout the episodes.

Film Riot YouTube Channel

Warning: Throughout most of the show, the humor is dark and and somewhat violent. And though all of the swearing is bleeped out, it’s still there and they joke and laugh about it a lot.

How-To Film School – Website

This blog can seem extremely overwhelming at first, but there are tons of great nuggets just waiting to be found. It’s geared towards low-budget professionals with lots of articles and videos, stories from different movie sets, thoughts and things learned by filmmakers all over the country. Also, if you’re just starting to run a professional set, check out the ‘Free Film Documents’ tab. They have paperwork in there for just about anything you can think of. Though geared toward a professional level, I still recommend this as a resource simply because of the amount of great information and tips and trick available to learn from.


Warning: There’s nothing particular about the website that deserves a real warning, but just a little bit of an informative approach to browsing the site. Though generally clean and I’ve never come across anything explicit, they do talk about and reference movies that have language, inappropriate behavior and scenes. Just use your best judgment before you read any articles or watch any videos that you’re not sure about.

Filmmaking for Teens, Pulling Off Your Shorts – book

This book was extremely helpful for offering a realistic picture for what a group of teenagers with no influence and no money could accomplish in making a movie. It’s a little outdated in the section pertaining to equipment, and it’s not too detailed in it’s overview of post-production. I didn’t end up using a lot of the ideas and suggestions as it’s written for public school juniors and seniors who can drive themselves around and have access to a large selection of potential cast and crew, but it’s an awesome book that offers a deeper look into the process of no-budget filmmaking.

Find this book on Amazon

Master Shots – book

Another book that’s a great introduction to filmmaking. Completely focused on Cinematography, it depicts well-done, interesting cinematography using stills from movies and complete, clear descriptions. A great resource for ideas (especially while shot listing), it’s a great book to have lying around.

Find this book on Amazon

Warning: At the end of the book, there is a sections devoted to Love Scenes with inappropriate pictures. We solved the problem by cutting that section out with scissors.

45 Master Characters – Book

This book is great for inspiration on 3 dimensional characters that are the driving force of your movie. Using examples not only from well known movies, the author also brings in examples from books, classic literature, and also ancient mythology, showing that these character types have been around since the beginning of time and still continue to enchant audiences.

Find this book on Amazon

Warning: We recently purchased this book and have not finished reading it, so we don’t know if there is any objectionable content, as yet.

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