Meet the Team


Maxwell Swet

Maxwell is an aspiring filmmaker and actor. He loves all aspects of the filmmaking process and specializes in production and post-production skills. He has directed several short films including four Star Wars fan films, and most recently, a Hunger Games fan film. He most often finds himself in the roles of Director of Photography and VFX Artist, and he often offers his expertise as Director and Fight and Stunt Choreographer on our varied projects. His favorite film genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Rachel Poling

Rachel is the Producer in the group. She enjoys organizing, planning, and moving our projects forward. Her first solo producing effort was Weeping Willow – A Hunger Games Fan Film. She also works as a freelance 1st Assistant Director, Location Manager, and Associate Producer. Her other area of expertise is wielding the brushes of a makeup artist! She enjoys working on the film set, but also is available for local photoshoots, special events and weddings.


Phillip Poling

Phillip is the genius behind many of our custom props and weapons and manages many duties that fall to the Art Department. He also works as our Weapons and Safety Master while on set. He choreographed, directed, and starred in his first film, a lightsaber choreography contest entry, Round 1 Infinity, for LCC X in 2012, and starred in and co-choreographed Max’s Loyalty – A Star Wars Fan Film, for LCC XI in 2013. He is very interested in 3D modeling, computer generated VFX, and realistic combat choreography. He would like to make a career working in the animation and/or 3D effects industry.


Micah Swet

Micah assists his brother Max and friends in the movie making process by solving all kinds of problems and being available for whatever might be needed. He is often found improving the drafts of our scripts, assisting with the camera and equipment and filling in wherever there’s any kind of need. The latest films he’s worked on are Loyalty – A Star Wars Fan Film and Weeping Willow – A Hunger Games Fan Film. He enjoys photography and dirtbiking. He repairs, restores, and rebuilds anything from sinks and dishwashers to bikes, mowers and vehicles.


Annie Poling

Annie discovered her passion for story in 2009 and quickly started writing and directing several short films with her younger siblings. She started working professionally in 2013, co-directing Loyalty – a Star Wars Fan Film, and co-writing, co-directing, Weeping Willow – A Hunger Games Fan Film. She loves to read, write, teach, needlepoint, and is currently in the process of earning her B.A. degree in Communications. She can often be found watching and critiquing films, writing scripts, or being a sounding board for others.


Josiah Poling

Josiah is our idea man…he has lots of great ideas for story, script, shots, effects and music! He starred in and edited Phillip’s Round 1 – Infinity. He has also madeĀ several short films of his own with Annie and Lizzy. He’s very into 3D Modeling, game development, and music. He can often be seen working in the Editing and Special Effects department on our projects, or helping with gear and tech on set.


Lizzy Poling

Lizzy is our main screenwriter and not infrequently, one of our main actors. She is usually the one who sits down and gets the first draft of the story out of our heads and into a script. She wrote and starred in Max’s film Loyalty – A Star Wars fan film. She also collaborated with Annie and Micah to write Weeping Willow – A Hunger Games Fan Film. When not acting on set, she operates the clapper board as 2nd Assistant Camera and can often be seen working in the editing room, giving suggestions and helping out with visual effects. She also edits a series of videos for Lifestyle of Learning Ministries™. She enjoys costume design and wants to be a professional costume designer someday.

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