Reviews and Raves

WatchingPlayback“My daughter had so much fun on set watching how things work and the fun interactions of all present! She got to experience almost every aspect of the story and filming process. This was her first experience on a set and the professionalism of it all was amazing. Everything about it was new. Her questions were answered, she was instructed clearly, and given great positive feedback. She always felt comfortable about the expectations, challenged but not pushed beyond her limits. Seeing so many young adults under stress treating each other with kindness and respect really solidified for her that good attitudes go a long way in the real world!” – Eirica M.

“My favorite part was just being surrounded by such awesome people who were of a much better “moral” basis than most people I know or hang out with. I have a lot of very bad influences in my life which have caused me to take some wrong roads in life, and it felt amazingly refreshing to be around good influences for a change. I found the filming itself to be quite intriguing. It really makes you realize how movies are filmed and the amount of work, (and fun), that goes into it.” -Dan H.

CrewPhotobomb“It was so amazing to see what goes into filming a movie and to meet other people who love acting as much as I do. I had a lot of fun in the off-set atmosphere as well.  I would most definitely do this again if I had the chance. My favorite part of filming was meeting so many amazing people and doing the running scenes. I learned lots of cool and interesting filming terms and more about what it takes to make a movie. All in all, the week spent filming with you guys was one of the best weeks in my life. I am so grateful to have been a part of the cast.”  -Kate H. 

“I greatly enjoyed watching you set up the scenes, seeing what goes into getting a particular shot.  It was fun talking with the other moms as we support our kids growing and learning. As a mom I would want my kids to be able to participate with you again.  There was an overall attitude of respect and acceptance for each other that was refreshing. It was a great learning experience for all of us.” -Laurie H.

“I must say, the team at Rogue Zohu Productions are THE up and coming young and professional filmmakers. I had the honor of working with them and, even as long as I have been in the biz, learning from them. They are on top of their game, always pushing themselves, knowledgeable, and a VALUABLE RESOURCE for you for your production needs. They are your filmmaking A-Team.”
-Antonio Dileo, Executive Producer, Festung Media L.L.C.

ColdCrew“It was nice to be able to see the inner workings of a film being made with my children. My daughter was most excited. She feels pulled in this direction for a future career, and this opportunity helped her see what she could get better at as she pursues acting for film. The education of learning the behind the scenes in filmmaking was a bonus. I really enjoyed time with friends that have great attitudes, and aren’t afraid of sharing their vision with us and including us in their learning process. You all worked tirelessly on this project, and I want to teach that type of work ethic to my children as they are inspired with their own projects.”
-Jeri P.

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